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Consultancy & education

Our clients often deal with the need of change of their business strategy, or increase the qualification of their business teams and support divisions. They either realise it on their own, or with our business potential analysis. What follows is the decision developing the competency of the organisation either with the help of consultancy or business education. Under the term "competency" we understand the combination of professional knowledge, practical experience and social maturity.

Our client's requirements are mostly as follows:

  • We want to raise the business people performance
  • We cannot fulfill the business plan
  • We want to raise the product/ service sale per client
  • We need to keep our client in our portfolio
  • We are in need of more business people
  • We aim to lower the business people fluctuation
  • How to establish communication between the business and central divisions
  • We introduce a new business strategy

Which solution? Consultancy or education?

When to choose consultancy and when education? Both forms are very close. We recommend consultancy when searching for the cause of a critical situation, while new change is introduced or there is a greater complexity of an issue which affects several departments. Education is appropriate when the client knows the cause and aims to eliminate the issue by raising the competency of the organisation.

For the consultancy we have developed few of our own tool and you can view them on the page "Models".

What is included in education?

They are collective and individual forms of development: Training, lectures, workshops, coaching and mentoring. We work with our own model of development pyramid.

Which forms of consultancy do we offer?

Our clients require either "Key-Ready" delivery, or our assistance while managing their business. Therefore we function as suppliers of entire solutions or participants in their solutions.


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