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We provide business consultancy in recruitment but also in business management.

Clients wish to have specific tools developed or need our assistance. We create "key ready" tools or create them together with clients exactly to their specifications. The assistance can be provided by using diverse techniques.

Tools Techniques
  • Business recruitment (our own project www.lidevobchode.cz)
  • Business casting and selection
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Competition modules
  • Managers and tradesmen job descriptions
  • Motivational systems
  • Reward programs
  • Assessment centre
  • Development centre
  • Business educational concepts
  • Personal coaching
  • Business people and business managers diagnostics
  • Personal consultations
  • Mentoring
  • Client's segmentation
  • Market segmentation
  • Business strategic analysis
  • Standardisation
  • Creation of business manuals
  • Business call center
  • Field assistance
    - personal support of our consultant in terrain
  • Business coaching
  • Business consultancy
  • Mystery shopping
  • Mystery calling
  • In-house project management
  • In-house tool production
  • Business strategy
  • Business planning
  • Business project management
  • Change management
  • Business crisis management
  • Workshop management
  • Facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Interim management
  • Realisation and delivery of "key-ready" tools
  • Management consulting

The choice of consultancy tools is purely individual, we recommend therefore discussing their combination with the client personally.


ab connectia  - your partner in building of a business network

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ab connectia s.r.o.
Kateřina Mendrok, mobile: +420 739 036 527
e-mail: katerina.mendrok@abconnectia.cz

ab connectia Slovensko s.r.o.
Matěj Kováč , mobile: +421 903 835 676
e-mail: m.kovac@abconnectia.sk

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