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Business outsourcing

Our clients are usually companies, which feel the need to increase their amount of trade activities. It usually happens when a new service or product is introduced, or when the trade contracts decrease. There are also companies who require new trade openings. In these cases we can help by actively representing the company and acting in their name. For clients who require an exceptional or crisis solution we offer interim management solutions.

We provide business outsourcing in the following forms:

Client's needs
ab connectia solution
Increasing the count of business meetings
Arranging meetings on the phone
Gain of new clients
Approaching the market in clients name
Establishment of market opportunities
Market research and testing
Step into a new market
Company mediation on the Czech and Slovak market
Temporary business management
Business Interim management

We use the following tools:

Active business call centrum – clients usually benefit from the usage of our own call cetres for the following needs:

  • Arranging business meetings
  • Opening the client's door
  • Market potential research
  • Business acquisition
  • Appealing to targeted trade groups
  • Mystery calling
  • Sales and promotional campaign

Database – We offer our own or shared databases, selected for clients needs.

Corporate representing –During the company launch on the market we represent the company and build a firm position and customer relationship. We use for this matter our own consultants in the role of business people.

Business interim management– clients, who are in need of a change management, new processes, or crisis management, hand over the management of their business into the hands of an external manager for a certain time period. Our consultants have absolved numerous applications of this art. It is a rent a manager service.


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