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About us

ab connectia s r.o. is renown in the business consultancy and education field. Companies in business practice constantly research on new ways to their turnover or market gain improvement. While doing so they encounter following limitations: Lack of business people, low business activity or small sale performance. We often find these aspects in a close bond with each other. We can reinforce these areas or completely increase the performance of your business.
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Gerhard Mendrok MBA Katerina Mendrok Barbora Bachratá
Ingrid Rašková Martina Musilová Ing. Petr Musil
Jaromír Ocelka

What we offer
Business people
We build or fill the business network
We offer our company database
We trade in your name
We offer our business people,
managers and trading companies
We arrange corporate meetings for
your business people
We bring performance management
into your business
We adapt our business people and
managers to your environment
We open doors to your new
business partners
We lead your business people
to your clients


How we work :

During a personal meeting we define the basic needs of our client. Based on the details given, we construct a strategy for a possible business activity revival, a choice of business partner, or for an acquisition of new a business. We aim for a long term collaboration and treat each project individually.


Collaboration tools:

Call centrum Trained and educated business assistants get in touch with new, or your existing traders. We establish telemarketing, which you can utilize as a self contained sale product or information tool.
Database We select adequate companies or traders for your business. We create a made to measure database of all subjects. We have the Czech or Slovak trade data at our disposal.
Portal People in Trade We create an internet project "People in Trade", which gives us the database of business people and business managers. We offer you to be part of this project.
Activity reporting Metrics tool, which enables your company to plan and evaluate your business activity in regards to its performance. This enables you to actively manage your business.

Companies who utilize our services

• distribute their products and services through other subjects
build a new business teams
• search new business partners on the current market • have a wide branch network
• have a wide business network
want to expand into new trades
want to outsource their business activities
search for quality and reliable service

ab connectia  - your partner in building of a business network

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ab connectia s.r.o.
Kateřina Mendrok, mobile: +420 739 036 527
e-mail: katerina.mendrok@abconnectia.cz

ab connectia Slovensko s.r.o.
Matěj Kováč , mobile: +421 903 835 676
e-mail: m.kovac@abconnectia.sk

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